Associated Solar Companies

Western Flat Roofing is proud to be working alongside renewable energy specialists Harvest Cornwall as well as waterproofing manufacturers including Bauder, to design, supply and install solar PV systems to your commercial and domestic flat roof. Our expert team can install domestic and commercial solar panels that benefit from a waterproofing system.

How do solar panels work?

Framed silicone cells exposed to sunlight capture the energy, which is inverted and distributed throughout your business or home. Any excess solar power can then be exported to the grid, or stored for later use.

At Western Flat Roofing, our flat roofs provide an ideal surface for solar PV installations that can generate energy in sunlight and in cloudy periods, too.

Why switch to solar power? The benefits of solar power include:

  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Super-deduction tax benefits.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Non reliance on the grid.
  • Demonstration of green values to other businesses and the community.

Contact Western Flat Roofing and we’ll guide you through the simple steps to switch to the power of the sunshine.

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