Headland Hotel

The Project
Stage 4-5 of a 13-phase project, Western Flat Roofing was contracted to provide a waterproofing system and green roof for the Headland Hotel’s Aqua Club.

Headland Hotel

The Solution

To create a Bauder waterproofing system and green roof that would merge with the surroundings. The Headland Hotel stands on a cliff edge, so the project would need to be durable and weatherproof, whilst also merging with the coastal landscape. Western Flat Roofing secured the tender for the project due to providing the desired solution at the right value.


The most challenging aspect of the project was the coastal weather as the hotel sits directly on the seafront, susceptible to the Atlantic weather systems.

It’s not a large area to work within and also required cranes to be brought in so that materials could be craned onto the roof.


Due to the weight of the substrate the interior ceiling could not be built until the green roof was on, Western Flat Roofing worked with the client to keep to a detailed schedule throughout this project.

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